Cardiovascular Area


5 Life Fitness Treadmills

5 Life Fitness Cross trainers

2 Life Fitness Exercise Bikes

1 Reebok Fusions

3 Concept II Rowing machines

1 Reebok Steppers

1 Stair Master

4 Spin Bikes

Resistance Machines


We have resistance machines for each body part spaciously spread out over 2 floors. On each machine are instructions on how to operate them, movement pattern you should follow and which muscles are worked.

Hammer Strength Machines


Our Hammer Strength machines are designed for users to load or unload the machine with plates of varying weight. There is more level of control when using these machines compared to free weights. 

There are upper and lower body machines that can be userd to cover a number of exercises.

Free Weight Area


Our free weight area has a large selection of dumbbells and barbells. Dumbbells range from 1kg to 70kg in weight, with barbells going up to 45kg. 





Most of our classes take place in the studio area. The studio is well equipped containing kettlebells, powerbags, medicine balls, ploymetric boxes, battle ropes and much much more. 

Ideal for those looking to incorporate circuits into their training. 



Functional Training Area


Suitable for heavy lifting and circuits. Tyres, power bags, power rack, sledge hammers, bumper plates & a peg board

Changing Rooms & Showers


Spacious and clean Male and Female changing rooms contain lockers to keep valuables safe while you train. 


Locker keys are available from reception. 


There are 6 individual shower rooms which give you added privacy, all are cleaned amd checked after use.